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About the Practice

General Information:

The Plastic Surgery Center has been designed to provide you, the patient, with excellent care and comfort during and after your surgical procedure. Many cosmetic and reconstructive operations may be safely performed in our surgery suites. This allows surgery to be carried out discretely in a warm and private atmosphere. The facility features state-of-the-art technology for outpatient surgery. The nursing staff is highly trained and qualified to make your stay pleasant, safe and comfortable.

Pre-Operative Information & Visit

Generally, a few days prior to your operation you will meet with your surgeon and review the details of the operation. In order to perform an adequate pre-operative medical evaluation, it is essential that you provide information concerning allergies, adverse reactions to medication, current or previous medical illnesses, operations, etc. You should also utilize this time to discuss questions which may have occurred to you since your initial visit. Any questions concerning your operation should be discussed with your surgeon and his staff. Please do not seek advice from friends or others not associated with our office.

Photographs will be taken and kept as part of your confidential patient record. Basic laboratory tests will be necessary and you will be referred to a nearby medical laboratory for these tests. The charge for these tests should be paid directly to the medical laboratory.

A balanced diet and adequate rest are strongly recommended prior to surgery, and social and physical activities should be limited during the post-operative recovery period. You should also inform our office if you develop any form of illness, infection, or skin injury prior to your scheduled operation. If you routinely take medication you should discuss with your physician whether or not the medication should be taken on the day of surgery or be temporarily discontinued. It is vital that you do not take aspirin, Advil, or any product containing aspirin or Advil for 10 days prior to surgery as blood coagulation is altered and severe bleeding may occur. Aspirin or Advil should also be discontinued for 10 days following surgery.

Day Of Surgery

Please arrive at the scheduled time so you may receive medications as scheduled and to avoid unnecessary intrusion into time reserved for other patients. Jewelry and other valuables should be left at home. Loose fitting clothing which fastens in front should be worn (or pajamas and a robe). Do not wear high shoes, boots, etc. If facial cosmetic surgery is planned, do not wear make-up, false eyelashes, or wigs. Do not eat or drink after midnight of the day before surgery.

Risks and Complications

Cosmetic plastic surgery, like all surgery, has risks. Plastic surgeons perform thousands of successful operations each week, but as with any type of surgery, a patient can have an adverse reaction to the anesthetic or be affected by postoperative complications. These problems can occur even when the surgeon has performed the operation with the utmost skill. ASAPS believes that fully informed patient consent is essential to any medical or surgical treatment. Your ASAPS-member plastic surgeon is the best source of this information as it relates to your particular surgery.

Recovering from Your Surgery

For most cosmetic plastic surgical procedures, you will need to restrict your normal activities for a time following surgery. It takes time, as well, for the visible signs of healing to subside. Plan your work and social activities to allow sufficient time for recovery.

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